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Coney Island BID Initiative

Proposed Coney Island BID:

BID Planning Committee

The creation of the Coney Island BID Planning Committee is the initial action to an organized approach to forming a Business Improvement District (BID) in New York City.  With guidance and oversight from the NYC Department of Small Business Services (NYCSBS), the Alliance For Coney Island will be acting as facilitator to the BID Planning Committee in the effort to determine if there is community interest in forming a Coney Island BID.

The BID Planning Committee will follow the NYCSBS Step By Step guide towards BID formation.  A District Plan is prepared, then the BID Planning Committee must build a consensus for the District Plan. Once there is sufficient support for the District Plan, NYCSBS guides the BID Planning Committee through the legislative approval process, culminating with the Mayor’s signature into law.  From there, there are Start-up Tasks to create a new not-for-profit organization with a local Board of Directors along side public officials who will implement the mission of the District Plan. Once underway, the individual work tasks of the BID Planning Committee will be presented on this website in a timeline format.

At any time, contact to inquire about the proposal’s status or any other matters regarding the formation of a proposed Coney Island BID.

Interested in joining the BID Planning Committee? Sign up here.

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