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A Business Improvement District (BID)
For A Safer and Cleaner
Coney Island
Exploring the Formation of a 
Coney Island Business Improvement District (BID)
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October 2018 FAQ
February 2019 FAQ
إستكشاف تكوين منطقة تطوير األعمال في جزيرة كوني
األحياء الغير سكنية أسئلة وأجابات
了解康尼岛商业改进区 (BID)

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a private/ public partnership in which property owners and commercial tenants make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and promotion of their commercial district. Currently, there are 76 BIDs in NYC, with 23 right here in Brooklyn. BIDs provide programs and services in their own community, increasing commercial business and solidifying the overall strength of their district.


BID programs may include: supplemental sanitation, maintenance, beautification, streetscaping (holiday lighting, trees, flower boxes), community marketing, small business promotion, public safety, city and state advocacy, tourism services and much more.  

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