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The Alliance for Coney Island is inviting local stakeholders to discuss the prospect of forming a Business Improvement District in Coney Island.

The Alliance is a nonprofit entity that currently programs over 30 free events, markets the Amusement District, advocates for resources and provides supplemental sanitation services.  To learn more about the Alliance, please visit

Learn more about the BID Formation Process here.


Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) represent much more than businesses. BIDs revitalize a community, improving the look and feel of entire commercial districts, thereby enhancing the quality of life for residents by addressing the concerns of those who are in our Coney Island community.  

A BID Planning Committee is comprised of property and business owners, residents, elected officials and other community stakeholders.

The BID Planning Committee will undertake the neighborhood planning effort to determine if there is community interest in forming a BID. The BID Planning Committee will meet monthly as they develop the main elements of the District Plan, which defines boundaries, annual budget, BID assessment formula, proposed services and improvements. 

Interested? Join the BID Planning Committee Now!

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