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Coney Island BID Proposal 

BID Geography: 










BID Services: 

Maximum Budget:



Assessment Formula: 

The committee has developed a formula to calculate the assessment for each property in the proposed district based on the applicable property’s lot area, or in the case of Amusement Area mixed use properties and Amusement Area properties with above ground floor commercial uses, the applicable property’s commercial square footage. The maximum annual BID assessment noted above cannot be increased without the approval of the BID Board of Directors, and a legislative process that includes the NYC Department of Small Business Services, and the New York City Council. Note that residential and commercial property owners within the proposed district will be billed the assessment. Property owners may be able to pass some or all of the assessment along to their commercial tenants (merchants), depending upon the terms of individual commercial leases. Residential tenants are NOT responsible for any BID assessments that come to their property owner. Residential property owners are assessed a nominal fee of $1. The NYC Department of Finance is responsible for collecting the BID assessment and will forward these funds in full to the BID for local spending.

Coney map, areas -4.jpg

- Sanitation and Maintenance services, including sidewalk sweeping, graffiti removal, and power washing 

- Community based Public Safety Program

- Streetscaping, Horticulture, and Decorations, including banners, holiday lighting, and tree pit          maintenance 

- Support for businesses, including technical assistance and resource advocacy

- Marketing & Promotions to increase tourism and Coney Island brand recognition

- Events to service the local community and drive visitorship; free year-round public programming, legacy events, fireworks on summer weekends

- Dedicated staff to directly respond to the community, manage the organization and programs, and advocate for local needs with elected officials and City agencies 

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“Amusement Area”: 

  • all properties bounded by the Reigelmann Boardwalk, Surf Avenue, W 5th, and W22nd 

  • all properties touching W22nd, and all properties touching the South side of Surf Ave between W22nd and W23rd 

  • all properties with frontage on the North side of Surf Avenue from W. 20th – W. 8th street

  • all properties bounded by Surf Avenue, Mermaid Avenue, W.20th, and Stillwell Avenue, minus any properties with frontage on Mermaid, unless also having frontage on Surf Ave. 


“Mermaid Area”: 

  • all properties on the South side of Mermaid Avenue with frontage on Mermaid Avenue, from W.33 – Stillwell

  • all properties on the North side of Mermaid Avenue with frontage on Mermaid Avenue, from W.31 – Stillwell

  • all property bounded by Surf Avenue, Mermaid Avenue, W.29th, and W.30th. 

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