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New York City Business Improvement Districts 

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There are 3 main phases to BID formation in NYC: 

Phase 1: Planning

After contacting the NYC Department of Small Business Services, the first step to form or expand a BID is to create a steering committee of property and business owners, residents and community stakeholders. The steering committee meets to assess the needs of the neighborhood and to draft a plan for the BID based on feedback from the community. The plan must include BID boundaries, programs and services, yearly budget, and how properties will be charged.

Phase 2: Outreach

With a draft plan in place, the steering committee begins to inform the public and build community support for the BID or BID expansion. The Committee holds public meetings, sends mailings, and collects letters of support from property owners and tenants.

Phase 3: Legislative Approval

After our agency has approved the completion of the first two phases, the formal legal process begins. This process includes review, public hearings, recommendations and votes by the local Community Board(s), Borough Board, City Planning Commission, City Council, Mayor, and State Comptroller.


To learn more about the BID formation process, please review SBS's comprehensive guide to BID formation: 

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