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Coney Island Snapshot

For over 175 years Coney Island has been drawing crowds to the Amusement district and the beach, but Coney Island as a New York City neighborhood is more diverse.  Its commercial areas serve residents, workers and visitors alike.


In general, there are three distinct commercial areas:

  • The Amusement Area in and around Surf Avenue attracts over 5 million visitors annually in addition to the 50,000 year round residents. 


  • Mermaid Avenue from Stillwell Avenue and the Stillwell Avenue subway station to West 37th Street primarily serves area residents with a variety of retail goods and services.


  • Neptune Avenue/Cropsey Avenue/Stillwell Avenue has an industrial and commercial profile that includes a concentration of specialized auto-related businesses as well as food service, logistics and transportation, and other warehouse distribution companies.  The retail uses and personal and business services located in and around Neptune Avenue and West 5th Street primarily serve the residents of Trump Village and the Amalgamated Warbasse Houses nearby.

The Corridors
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