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Coney Island BID Initiative

Proposed Coney Island BID:

BID Formation Process

A Business Improvement District, or BID, is not limited just to “Business” as the BID legislation’s title would suggest.  It is a neighborhood planning tool to address the needs of all constituent groups within a defined neighborhood area.  A proposed Coney Island BID seeks to integrate and unify the many parts of Coney Island and at the same time, recognize and enhance what makes each of them distinct.

There are 76 BIDs operating in New York City today. These organizations are proven public/private models for providing consistent funding and advocacy for neighborhood maintenance and improvements.  It is designed to:  give voice to neighborhood issues, provide an annual budget to implement supplemental services and improvements (not duplication of City responsibilities), and establish community leadership consisting of private sector and public sector partnership. There is much to learn about BIDs in New York City.

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